This product is amazing!  It was a life saver for me, as a new mother i struggled with getting carpel tunnel in my wrist from holding my daughters neck while breastfeeding.  Thanks to this product i not only had ease of breastfeeding but also had privacy while breastfeeding.  I have recommended this product to so many of my pregnant friends - Andrea P.

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you again for your amazing product. The Komfiekare baby was very convenient while nursing Naomi. I was able to accommodate her head on the baby pillow and be completely covered.  Thank you so much! 

Hey this is Karrielle and I'm from Homewood and I'm happy again for your product. The komfiebaby is great and my nephew love's it 

Hello I'm a new father I got a gift at my baby shower it's a pillow for a baby I Iove it it's awesome - T.M

Hey This Is Kaliyah From Fort Waye, IN. I bought  your Product and I love it. I really appreciate it. The product really helps me a lot I use it every day and also my family love it and will be buying one soon!

Hello I brought a baby pillow in the winter for my niece before she was born and this product was well needed, it was so awesome for my niece neck and head support.

I loved your baby product. So awesome!!!

Just wanted to tell your company that I'm happy with my baby pillow. My great nephew loves his pillow, what other colors does it comes in?

Listen! I just wanted to let you know that baby pillow you guys made saved my marriage. I tell you why my wife and I would nearly fight because I would never want to hold my grand-kids.  Anyways, she bought this baby pillow called Komfiekare baby. She put it on my arm and I've been wearing it ever since. Fathers and grandfathers, if you're afraid to hold your new born buy you one of those baby pillows. It will support the baby's neck and head.

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