About Us


Sandra Whitted

Mom - Grandma- Entrepreneur 


Komfiekare™ is a mom-owned business that specializes in designing and manufacturing infant development and safety gear while providing the highest level of comfort there is. The company was founded by CEO Sandra Whitted, who as a mom and grandma herself, felt it was important to prioritize the comfort and positioning of a baby's neck. During her time with her nieces, nephews, and other new bundles of joy, she noticed that it was hard for new mothers to properly support their baby's neck while breastfeeding. In light of this problem, yet with no solution, Komfiekare™ was established.

Komfiekare's Purpose

Komfiekare™ Infant Neck Pillow serves the simple purpose of providing comfort for both mom and baby. In any setting we want everyone to feel confident and safe when handling a new born. Komfiekare™ Infant Neck Pillow allows experienced and inexperienced users to hold the baby without fear of incorrect positioning or any mishandling. 

Facilities Usage

Hospitals, doctor offices, daycare centers, or any place that will aid a new mother's handling of their child is critical. Komfiekare ™ Infant Neck Pillow can be used in classes, nurseries, or by medical staff to ensure proper training on supporting a baby's neck and head. This product is also an amazing tool for breastfeeding/bottle feeding. For inquiries on using Komfiekare™  in your facility please contact us at komfiekarecustomerservice@gmail.com